January 29, 2010

Practice makes perfect...

I have been practicing my on-location lighting by taking my camera with me EVERYWHERE. I have been using more natural light, and of course my flash & ttl cord (my favorite!) So I went downtown to take a picture of my son, in front of some of my art that is currently displayed downtown Boston. (at 4 Ave De Lafayette)
I decided to stop a few people and ask them to take pictures. I figured I could make a game of it and see how many people would say yes if I said, "Excuse me are you in a rush? Can I take your picture?" and to my surprise alot of people said yes, more than I expected. Here are a few. (these photos were all taken in less than 60 seconds, literally!)


  1. I luv the street scene shots. with community as the backdrop. this is what I luv abt photography, it tells stories w/o saying a word. Word! faces, expressions, body language...... The human experience.

  2. Tora these are great!!! LOVE them!! :)

  3. Hey that's the guy from the Laundromat!

  4. Yup! I saw him when I was walking home and asked to take a picture. :)


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