August 7, 2011

Editorial Portraits: Cloverdose Media Group


As always, thanks for taking the time to view my art. 

Editorial Portraits: Toddler portraits

Editorial Portraits: Family time

I love to photograph families. 


Editorial Portraits: Ray // Playing with light

I decided to take some portraits of my brother. I saw him standing with his nikes on, and this is what popped in my head. So I asked him if we could do a photoshoot.  I loved his sneakers so I took a portrait of them. 

I also wanted to take a photo of him with his dog Weezee.  

We went to the backyard and took some more portraits. Then I took another portrait of his sneakers.

Later, we found a flash light and decided to draw with light. This is a portrait of Ray, writing his name with light. 

Then I thought it would be cool to draw smoke around him. This is a portrait of my brother and I. I am moving around really fast with the flash light, so you can't see me. But, I love how the light looks.

After, I turned off the light, and had him stand next to the tv. Then, I drew around him with light.

Here are a few more photos...

Thanks for taking pictures Ray!
And thanks for viewing my art. Enjoy your day :)
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