December 19, 2012

Spoiled Milk 2012

A play on words, Spoiled Milk explicates the mundane manner in which concerts are held in Atlanta.The concert was created for the avid supporters of authentic music who have grown tired of the repetition of current music. This new concert series has been created to saturate our taste-buds with variety. 
Spoiled Milk coordinators are aiming to fuse together the multitude of talent and brands that populate Atlanta through this innovative production. Attendees will experience a showcase of talent from artists such as Young Scooter, Trouble, Cyhi The Prince, Two9, Translee, Rome Fortune, Majestik, Scotty, Rara, Mighty Network, and more. With DJ's Pretty Boy Tank, Lil Keem, and Dibiase providing the sounds for the evening while Gambino and Mr. V host, the guests are sure to enjoy the show.
I enjoyed myself at Spoiled Milk. 
I'd like to say thank you to every who allowed me to photograph them. You guys are the best. 
With that said welcome to Spoiled MIlk 2012.  

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Thanks again for being photographed!


  1. Follow Reb Skylarker on Twitter @RebSkylarker much Love to Tora Jones and her team!!

  2. very nice photos from a cool event... up until the shooting lol


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