May 29, 2010

So what's new....

So it's been a while..... Life has just been so busy and I'm loving every minute of it. In Feb. I shot the cover for Teen Voices magazine. (for the spring/summer issue) It came out about 6 weeks ago.
Teen Voices: "Our Spring/Summer 2010 print magazine has cover stories on bullying, sex trafficking, online do's and don'ts, how to write an amazing college essay, and much more. And it's all teen-generated! Get your copy and help us change the world for girls through media!"
It feels great to open up such a distinguished magazine and read COVER PHOTOGRAPHED BY TORA JONES. It was such a fun experience working with the girls. They wanted a fresh new look for the magazine.

The rules I had to follow:
-use journalist in Teen Voices magazine
-use a location in Boston, Ma
-be sure the girls are not "just looking at the camera"
So I gave them a few photos to choose from, and I was pleasantly surprised when I received my issue in the mail. When I read the entire magazine I was so proud to have my have my photo on the cover. 

visit to purchase your copy or to make a donation ... and help them change the world for girls through media!

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